Dan’s Memories

Dad usually used fairly light line. 2 or 4 or 6 (if we were feeling greedy) pound test. It was to give the fish a even chance he said. Never horse the fish in. Tire it out and let it come to you. Keep the drag loose, but I often tightened it up because I was greedy. Let it have a chance to get away. We lost many fish to broken lines. We really disliked the deep heavy reflectors to go after the deep fish. It lessened the action on the rod. But the last few summers we started using them. We wanted to catch a monster brown trout, but never did. We trolled using flatfish. There was a green one that was particularly effective.
I’ll never forget catching the Kokinee landlocked salmon. We were using light line and it jumped and fought. It took a real long time to reel in both dad and I were yelling. You could hear us all over the lake. The salmon had been planted some years before but I guess the program was discontinued. It wasn’t monstrous in size. It just fought like a monster.
I think mom ran down when we came into shore because she knew we had something special. It was my best fishing memory on Gold Lake.

Dan Smith (Linda’s brother)

Good Progress in Winter

The crew is making good progress.  They were installing and connecting up the septic tank as well as getting the roof plywood on during Dec 27-28.  We walked the entire construction area as well as a good amount of the entire 1.38 acre lot.

Gary installed the box for the cameras but ran into some problems with the equipment – so going back Jan 11 to finish that up.  The goal is to get two cams (one inside/one outside) up on that visit.

Gary and the “kids” designed out the atrium and hopefully can make it look something like the concept – integrating in “smart lighting” illuminating down on the plants to the right and left as you walk in.  We’ll see.

We wish we had designed a little more space in the second guest bedroom and bathroom – but we’ll make it work.  On the other hand, the space in the master bathroom and closet is quite large.

The garage is huge – and although a little “overpowering” to the house, it will provide some nice work space behind the cars.

Until next time.


Hey All – a little longer post this time. As you can tell from the pics, there is strong progress on the framing as the snow sets in. In fact, there is a bit of a race with the weather as the builders work to get the roof on for the winter which will allow them to work inside.

As I write this (Dec 17, 2018), Linda is up there working window design and placement. Those decisions are needed now before the trusses and roof are complete in case there needs to be any adjustment.

For Gary, this whole process is going too fast. I’d love more time to “savor the build” and be up there to make decisions and see things before the next chapter of the book. Pictures are good – but not the same thing as seeing it as you walk around 360 degrees. I hope/plan to be up there much more frequently in 2019.

Calculations show we are about 45% spent on the total costs to the contract. Of course, there will be “extras” (already are) and we are dealing with them – but those are “out of pocket” and not funded by the loan so it crimps cash flow…esp. at Christmas time.

The family will be up there Dec 26-30 and I’m pretty sure we’ll be impressed with the progress. For years we simply walked the lot and talked about “one day there will be a home here”. Now the land is cleared and there is no more guessing where the house will go, what its orientation will be, how large it will be, etc. It stands before us.

Until next time,

Ground Plumbing

As the winter hits, it’s getting challenging for the crew. The hot/cold/sewer water lines are in as you can see from the pics. Next will be the subfloor as soon as there is a break in the weather.

Gary wanted to be up to see the plumbing lines “in person” but couldn’t break away from work. Wes took the pics so we could at least say those. We’ll be going up as a family Dec 26-31 to see things then so we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Progress on the Foundation

Winter has it with some snow in Graeagle but the build continues. The initial foundation is in as can be seen on the Construction page. The driveway ended up with more of an “even” slope at 13% rather than steeper at the bottom and flatter at the top – which is good. We was also able to push the hose back 4′ to the left (towards the water tank) and 4′ to the back to give us more room to get the cars in/out.

Next up is the plumbing and then the subfloor. We’ll post pics as soon as we have them. Linda/I may go up again in Dec – but if not, the whole family will be there Dec 26-30. Going to try and get the camera up as well.

Initial Progress

Builders making good progress just 3 weeks in. Footers and lower frame is in. Driveway is about 13% grade and not as bad as we had thought. Good room to turn around in a car and also good space around the perimeter.

Construction Begins

On Oct 15, 2018 the construction crew rolled out to begin moving earth and removing trees. It has been 9 months in planning but we are underway in Graeagle! We will see how the weather holds up and keep building through the winter while we can. Linda/I will take turns going up to check on things, make decisions, etc. 

An important milestone in the journey.

Cal Fire Setback

As we were getting permits through Plumas County, Cal Fire sent us a note that we needed a 30′ setback from neighboring property for fire vehicle access. Evidently this is a new regulation because our builder had never heard of it and we only had 10′. This could have been problematic if the builders ha dot move the house further away – or possibly even move the garage and re-design the house.

Our builder, Wes Boyd quickly contacted the folks at Cal Fire and explained that our neighboring property on the side in question was actually the water tank owned by Garage and & Water. Fortunately they were kind enough to provide a letter that allows us access to “clear the brush of defensible area) which satisfied Cal Fire. May thanks to the West family for this “easement”.

Welcome to the Blog

Howdy – welcome to eh first post on our blog for the home construction. We’ll be posting short blurbs about the build process just to capture things for the future and as a record of moods and thoughts as we traversed through the process.

Gary & Linda