Dan’s Memories

Dad usually used fairly light line. 2 or 4 or 6 (if we were feeling greedy) pound test. It was to give the fish a even chance he said. Never horse the fish in. Tire it out and let it come to you. Keep the drag loose, but I often tightened it up because I was greedy. Let it have a chance to get away. We lost many fish to broken lines. We really disliked the deep heavy reflectors to go after the deep fish. It lessened the action on the rod. But the last few summers we started using them. We wanted to catch a monster brown trout, but never did. We trolled using flatfish. There was a green one that was particularly effective.
I’ll never forget catching the Kokinee landlocked salmon. We were using light line and it jumped and fought. It took a real long time to reel in both dad and I were yelling. You could hear us all over the lake. The salmon had been planted some years before but I guess the program was discontinued. It wasn’t monstrous in size. It just fought like a monster.
I think mom ran down when we came into shore because she knew we had something special. It was my best fishing memory on Gold Lake.

Dan Smith (Linda’s brother)