Progress on the Foundation.

Winter has it with some snow in Graeagle but the build continues. The initial foundation is in as can be seen on the Construction page. The driveway ended up with more of an “even” slope at 13% rather than steeper at the bottom and flatter at the top – which is good. We was also able to push the hose back 4′ to the left (towards the water tank) and 4′ to the back to give us more room to get the cars in/out.

Next up is the plumbing and then the subfloor. We’ll post pics as soon as we have them. Linda/I may go up again in Dec – but if not, the whole family will be there Dec 26-30. Going to try and get the camera up as well.

Ground Plumbing

As the winter hits, it’s getting challenging for the crew. The hot/cold/sewer water lines are in as you can see from the pics. Next will be the subfloor as soon as there is a break in the weather.

Gary wanted to be up to see the plumbing lines “in person” but couldn’t break away from work. Wes took the pics so we could at least say those. We’ll be going up as a family Dec 26-31 to see things then so we’ll have to wait a bit longer.