A Different Sort of Progress – March 10, 2019

The snow has halted progress on the house for the last 3 weeks.  We were fortunate there for awhile back in Nov/Dec but it’s just too thick/heavy for the guys to work.  The weather is supposed to clear so there could be a few work days coming this coming week.  Meanwhile, there are other things to do; Linda has ordered much of the kitchen and bathroom material and Gary has been working on the electrical plan and back-up generator system.  Just about got that plan locked down.  So the weather break has proven helpful in getting some other items in place because once the train starts up again, it keeps on going and we have to be ready.  We plan to be up again in early April, possibly delivering things as part of the sojourn.


Some Thoughts from Alanna – March 7, 2019

For years I had been fantasizing about the house that we would build in Graeagle. I would picture bringing my husband to visit and Christmas mornings with kiddos running around. As we visit the house and stand in what will be the living room, these images start to come even more into focus. It is amazing to me to talk about the little details with my mom, like how many children should be able to fit in the guest bathroom tub. The reality of it is proving to be even better than what I imagined all those years ago, and I am counting down the days until we can spend our first night in the house as a family.


Some Thoughts from Claire – March 2, 2019

I always knew that my family had a special connection with this place, but I never thought we could actually get to the point where Greagle would be a second home. When we first got the lot all those years ago, it was still surreal. When my parents were showing me the blueprints and siding samples, it was still surreal. It wasn’t until I went to visit the house this past winter that it hit me. I got to walk in what would be my room in under a year. I’m counting down the days until summer when I will see the house fully built for the first time. Can’t wait to share many more stories and memories of this house!


Some Thoughts from Linda – Feb 11, 2019

Just update on the house and Chief Graeagle. The chief’s clearly dressed for the weather. I can’t believe it, but the Wesfab construction crew is pressing on despite the terrible weather! They had to carry our windows up on this loader with two men riding in the basket holding each window. The delivery truck couldn’t get up the driveway.

          Linda (via her FB page)

Framing Continues – Jan 13, 2019

Good progress in Jan as the winter is upon us. Roof plywood is on as well as much of the facia. Snow and rain next week so they wrapped the exterior in waterproof paper to fend off the moisture. I picked up our front door in Reno (Lowe’s) and hauled it up there, now stashed in the garage. No luck on the cameras due to a software problem so will fix that and go back up in 2-4 weeks. Linda is now designing the kitchen and I’ll be doing the electrical layout next. Everything is moving along.


Start of Framing – Dec 17, 2018

Hey All – a little longer post this time. As you can tell from the pics, there is strong progress on the framing as the snow sets in. In fact, there is a bit of a race with the weather as the builders work to get the roof on for the winter which will allow them to work inside.

As I write this (Dec 17, 2018), Linda is up there working window design and placement. Those decisions are needed now before the trusses and roof are complete in case there needs to be any adjustment.

For Gary, this whole process is going too fast. I’d love more time to “savor the build” and be up there to make decisions and see things before the next chapter of the book. Pictures are good – but not the same thing as seeing it as you walk around 360 degrees. I hope/plan to be up there much more frequently in 2019.

Calculations show we are about 45% spent on the total costs to the contract. Of course, there will be “extras” (already are) and we are dealing with them – but those are “out of pocket” and not funded by the loan so it crimps cash flow…esp. at Christmas time.

The family will be up there Dec 26-30 and I’m pretty sure we’ll be impressed with the progress. For years we simply walked the lot and talked about “one day there will be a home here”. Now the land is cleared and there is no more guessing where the house will go, what its orientation will be, how large it will be, etc. It stands before us.

Until next time,