Good Progress in Winter

The crew is making good progress.  They were installing and connecting up the septic tank as well as getting the roof plywood on during Dec 27-28.  We walked the entire construction area as well as a good amount of the entire 1.38 acre lot.

Gary installed the box for the cameras but ran into some problems with the equipment – so going back Jan 11 to finish that up.  The goal is to get two cams (one inside/one outside) up on that visit.

Gary and the “kids” designed out the atrium and hopefully can make it look something like the concept – integrating in “smart lighting” illuminating down on the plants to the right and left as you walk in.  We’ll see.

We wish we had designed a little more space in the second guest bedroom and bathroom – but we’ll make it work.  On the other hand, the space in the master bathroom and closet is quite large.

The garage is huge – and although a little “overpowering” to the house, it will provide some nice work space behind the cars.

Until next time.