Welcome to the Blog.

Howdy – welcome to the first post on our blog for the home construction. We’ll be posting short blurbs about the build process just to capture things for the future and as a record of moods and thoughts as we traverse through the process.

Cal Fire Setback.

As we were getting permits through Plumas County, Cal Fire sent us a note that we needed a 30′ setback from neighboring property for fire vehicle access. Evidently this is a new regulation because our builder had never heard of it and we only had 10′. This could have been problematic if the builders ha dot move the house further away – or possibly even move the garage and re-design the house.

Our builder, Wes Boyd, quickly contacted the folks at Cal Fire and explained that our neighboring property on the side in question was actually the water tank owned by Garage and & Water. Fortunately they were kind enough to provide a letter that allows us access to “clear the brush of defensible area) which satisfied Cal Fire. May thanks to the West family for this “easement”.