First Few Stays – Nov 9, 2019

All in all, it was an 11-month build, through the winter.  The usual hurdles but overall a very smooth operation and we are quite pleased with how things turned out.  Kudos to our builder and crew – Wesfab Construction.  Highly recommend them.

Sept 21 was our fist night together.  Gary went up on Set 20 to get some stuff ready but we did wine & pizza in the great room.  Used the heat a bit and just took it all in.  A dream in the making for 15+ years culminating in a night of pizza with family – about as good as it gets.

Nov 9 and Linda has her friends from Magnolia School District up for the weekend.  Everyone’s got a mattress, sheets & towels.  Weather is good so they may even get up to the lakes.  If not, it’s a great place to relax and talk.  I’m sure some sort of alcohol will be involved this eve along with a fire.  Not too bad.

The family goes back together Dec 26-30 where we can all just decompress and reflect on the accomplishment of setting a dream and making it happen.  As much as Linda/I love that we did this for ourselves, it was the girls that provided the added spark of motivation.  They sincerely love this area as much as we do and that makes it all worth it!